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Posted in Family and Friends | June 2014

Thanks, Dad!

father’s day celebrations
Whether it’s your father, or an inspiring role model you’ve always thought of as “dad”, Father’s Day is the day to celebrate the love, support and guidance he’s given you throughout your life.

Simple and heartfelt is usually best when it comes to dads, so we’ve come up with some thoughtful and creative ways to show him just how much he means to you.

  1. Write him a letter. It can sometimes be difficult for us to say exactly what we mean face-to-face, so do it on paper. Tell Dad all the things in your heart in a letter so he can read those loving words over and over again. Let him know what his support has meant to you, how much a favorite memory has stayed with you, what you admire about him, or what the greatest lesson you’ve learned from him has been.
  2. Take him out to the ballgame. Or another fun sporting event or activity. Make it a day by throwing in lunch or dinner so you’ll have lots of time to catch up and reminisce.
  3. Indulge him. If your dad has a special hobby—be it fishing, making models or collecting hockey cards, comic books, or stamps—splurge on something you know he’d love to have to complete a set, organize his treasures or make his hobby just that much more enjoyable.
  4. Take him back in time. Drive out to his old neighborhood to see the house where he grew up, the ballpark where he hit his first home run, his old high school, or some other important landmark from his early life. If you don’t live near his old stomping grounds, take a virtual tour using Google Earth. Listen to his stories and learn about your own family history as you spend time together going back in time.
  5. Make him the guest of honor. Organize a family dinner or BBQ and make him the star of the evening. Prepare all his favorite foods, serve his favorite drinks, bake his favorite dessert and give him the seat of honor. Visit Food Network for some great Father’s Day menu ideas.

If your dad is no longer with you, it doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate the impact he had on the person you are today or demonstrate how much you loved him—and still do. Gather your family together for a tribute dinner in his memory. Serve the things he loved most, pull out the photograph albums and movies, share stories and memories, and raise your glasses in a toast to one of the most important men in your lives.

For more sweet and thoughtful ways to celebrate dads, visit The Learning Network, Reader’s Digest and Wise Bread.

Happy Father’s Day!

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