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Posted in Family and Friends | March 2015

Proudly honoring those who serve


More than a century after American Red Cross founder Clara Barton first recruited nurses to support the United States Army, the Red Cross is still committed to meeting the needs of the military (including reservists and members of the National Guard), and to expanding services to veterans. Red Cross support of military and their families not only enhances morale, but also serves to increase operational capabilities.

Through the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) program, members of the military are eligible for three types of assistance beginning on the first day of enlistment: Emergency Services, Service to Military Families and Service to Military and Veterans Hospitals.

In addition to the SAF program, the Red Cross actively supports the military and their families in these wonderful ways:

  • Linking military families during an emergency. Using advanced communication technologies, Red Cross workers can send emergency communication messages to service members of every branch of the service wherever in the world they might be. For assistance call 877 272 7337.
  • Connecting families with local community resources. From responding to emergency needs for food, clothing and shelter; to referrals to counseling services; to respite for caregivers, the Red Cross offers confidential services to all military families in need of local resources and support.
  • Providing resiliency training. Military life can be challenging for families back home, so the Red Cross offers training that promotes resilience and preparedness to help them cope.
  • Supporting wounded warriors and military hospitals. It isn’t always easy coming home after being wounded in action. In partnership with the Departments of Defense and Veterans’ Affairs, the Red Cross provides transition and reintegration support to wounded warriors, veterans and their families.
  • Holiday Mail for Heroes. The Red Cross makes it simple for grateful citizens to send messages of support and gratitude to members of the U.S. Armed Forces during the holidays through their Holiday Mail for Heroes program.

It’s important to the Red Cross to let members of the military and the families who love them know that they are never alone. That’s why they work around the clock—and around the world—helping our heroes in every way they can.

For more information on the kind of support and services available to the military and their families, download this printable brochure and visit the American Red Cross.


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