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Posted in Family and Friends | January 2015

Party on!


Life is filled with a lot of grown-up tasks. Paying bills, running a house, going to work, organizing the family schedules—we don’t have any choice but to buckle down and get these sorts of things done. But we do have a choice when it comes to infusing our lives with a little levity every now and then. We can choose to seek out fun and embrace every opportunity to enjoy those moments of joy.

In fact, theoretically we can do it every single day of the year, because there are silly “holidays” and wacky “national days” for virtually every date on the calendar. In fact, coming up this month: Bubble Bath Day on the 8th, Squirrel Appreciation Day on the 21st, and National Kazoo day on the 28th, to name but a few.

Check out Holiday Insights or Student Beans to find funny days to celebrate all year long.

Why not choose a holiday that tickles your funny bone, and then go all out? Send out themed invitations, make homemade decorations (because chances are there aren’t any store-bought “Chocolate Milk Shake Day” (September 12) decorations out there), select the perfect party food that somehow matches your crazy day and get set to have some wacky fun!

Pinterest is a great place to start looking for interesting food ideas, and check out Catch My Party and Martha Stewart for some wonderful homemade decoration inspiration. You may not be able to find directions for “Dictionary Day” (October 16) decorations, but there may be ideas you can customize to fit your chosen wacky holiday.

Think outside the box and make it an event your friends and family will never forget. Infusing their lives with silliness and fun is something they will always thank you for—and you may even inspire them to carry on the tradition and host some wacky-day parties of their own.

You might even consider amping up the fun quotient on your next birthday by celebrating whatever weird holiday also falls on that day. If your birthday is on April 11, for example, imagine inviting your friends to a 40th birthday party that is also honoring Barber Shop Quartet Day at the same time. The possibilities for pointless but fantastic fun are endless.

Enjoying celebrations with family and friends is part of what makes life grand. So if you don’t think you have much to celebrate, think again; every day is a holiday!


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