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Posted in Family and Friends | May 2015

Mother the world

Today we think of Mother’s Day as a special day set aside to honor our moms by sending cards and flowers of appreciation, or maybe treating her to breakfast in bed complete with sweet homemade cards. But according to The History Channel1 , Mother’s Day wasn’t always celebrated with syrupy pancakes and little fistfuls of fresh-picked dandelions.

In fact, one of the precursors to Mother’s Day came from abolitionist and suffragette, Julia Ward Howe. In 1870 Howe wrote something called the “Mother’s Day Proclamation”, in which she asked mothers to unite in promoting world peace. Howe intended it to be day for a woman to stand up and take action for the betterment of her community and the world.

Even though 145 years have passed, the world is still in need of a gentle, healing touch. That’s why we’ve come up with ways that everyone can help spread peace on Mother’s Day in honor and remembrance of those gentle, loving women who cared for us all our lives.

There are lots of lovely ways to bring peace, healing and kindness to those that may need to feel a gentle presence on Sunday, May 10:

  • Put together individual plastic “blessing bags” filled with toiletries, shelf-stable snacks and other comfort items to donate to homeless shelters.
  • Volunteer to serve a meal at a homeless shelter.
  • Put together a donation of clothing and household items for a women’s shelter.
  • Become an official Ronald MacDonald House volunteer.
  • Do random acts of kindness for perfect strangers.
  • Visit a nursing home ad spend time with someone who rarely gets any visitors.
  • Send cards or letters to friends and family members who might need a little unexpected cheer.
  • Forgive someone who has hurt you and reach out to try to mend your relationship.
  • Visit com to find out about volunteer opportunities happening in your community and sign up to help out.

What a blessing it would be for your mom (or the woman you call mom) to know that you did something so beautiful in her honor, and what a loving way to remember your mom if she’s no longer here with you.

Have a peaceful Mother’s Day.


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