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Posted in Family and Friends | August 2015

It’s only right to celebrate lefties

Left Handers Day

If you’re a southpaw, you know what it’s like to struggle through life in a right-handed world. Tools aren’t made for you, school desks are designed for your right-handed friends, using scissors is a nightmare, and you probably still have ink stains all over your left hand. But on August 13, none of that matters because that day is set aside to celebrate all things lefty and to revel in the fact that you are part of an elite group of just 10% of people who are left handed.

According to Everyday Health, scientists aren’t exactly sure why some people are born with left-hand dominance, but research suggests there’s a complex collaboration between genes and environment. Lefties do tend to have more left-handed family members, after all.

Perhaps the best thing you can do on Left Handers Day is to show your right-handed friends and family members exactly what it’s like to be forced to conform by asking them to do everything they’d normally do with their right hands, with their left instead—just like you often have to do!

Make it extra challenging (and extra fun for you) by having them do tasks like these, all using their left hand:

  • Peel a piece of fruit
  • Pour a glass of milk
  • Open a tin with a can opener
  • Cut food and eat a meal
  • Use the computer mouse
  • Draw a picture using a pencil
  • Write out a paragraph on paper that’s in a three-ring binder (bonus points if you can have them do it while sitting in a right-handed school desk!)
  • Cut out a picture
  • Open a wine bottle

While your friends and loved ones are struggling to get that can of tuna open or trying to figure out how to stay ink-free while they write, remind them that there are some pretty successful and important left handers out there. Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Paul McCartney, Martina Navratilova, and Neil Armstrong are all part of the 10%. And those famous folks were preceded by greats like Babe Ruth, Mark Twain, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Joan of Arc, Jimi Hendrix, and Queen Victoria. Even Albert Einstein himself was a lefty.1

If you feel like reaching out in solidarity to some famous lefties on August 13, Left Handers Day has a list of notable left handers who are on Twitter. Hashtag your tweet with #lefthandersday and get the topic trending!

Enjoy your day and proudly raise your left hand in a salute to left handers everywhere! For more left-handed fun, and to join the free Left Handers Club, visit Left Handers Day.



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