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Posted in Family and Friends | June 2015

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

Superman first burst onto the scene in 1938 when the world, on the brink of yet another devastating World War, needed a hero. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster when they were high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio in 1933, Superman has become an icon of courage and strength. The man with the red cape and blue tights is known for his unfailing commitment to truth and justice, and 77 years later the world still seems to need the fictional hero who champions the cause of good versus evil.

The Man of Steel, as he is also known, hails from the doomed planet Krypton, but grew up as the adopted son of Martha and Johnathan Kent. After leaving his earthly hometown of Smallville, Superman moved to the fictional city of Metropolis.

The real city of Metropolis, Illinois pays tribute to everyone’s favorite superhero each year when it hosts Superman Days, a celebration of all things Superman that will be held on June 11-14 this year. With celebrity guests, autograph sessions, photo opportunities and a fan film fest, it’s a Superman fan’s dream come true!If you can’t make the trek to Metropolis, there are some fun ways you can celebrate Superman Days right at home!

  • Visit a comic book store. Introduce your children or grandchildren to the world of Superman. There are Superman comics for all ages, so just ask the clerk to recommend something age-appropriate.
  • Discover the men behind Superman. Articles like this one from SupermanArtists provide fascinating background into the lives and careers of Superman’s two creators.
  • Have a Superman movie marathon! There were four Superman movies made between 1978 and 1987 starring Christopher Reeve, another made in 2006 with Brandon Routh in the lead role, and the most recent in 2013 starring Henry Cavill.
  • Make Superman-themed crafts with your kids. Help them surprise a Superman fan in your lives with  this adorable Cardboard Tube Superman, a Superman cape for your favorite fan, or make a “super” Father’s Day card .
  • Make Superman-themed treats. Snack on the treats while you’re reading your comic books or watching Superman movies on TV. Check out these cute Superman cupcakes, or try out this vintage recipe for Superman cookies  inspired by the 1950s serial starring George Reeves.

Of course, perhaps the best way to celebrate Superman Days is to take a little inspiration from the man himself. Put on your Superman t-shirt and head out to do some super good deeds for friends, family and strangers.

Up, up and away!

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