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Posted in Family and Friends | July 2014

Happy half birthday to you!

When you were a kid, chances are you excitedly added, “…and a half!” to your age when asked how old you were. Kids are so proud of reaching any milestone, and celebrate them with great enthusiasm. That’s something that we, as adults, sometimes forget to do—especially since life seems to fly by so fast the older and busier we get.

That’s why it’s good to slow down, embrace whimsy and celebrate the little things in life every once in a while. We think one great way to do that is to have some silly fun by throwing someone a half birthday party. It’s a sweet and wonderful idea for anyone you love, but it’s particularly great for someone whose birthday falls on or near a major holiday, or for kids who have summer birthdays and may miss out on celebrating with all their friends during the school year.

The first step is, of course, figuring out when the half-birthday boy or girl’s special day actually falls. Visit Event Calc  to figure out the date. Leap years and months with different number of days mess things up, so it’s not necessarily as simple as the birthday date plus 6 months.

Armed with the date, it’s time to get creative and start planning the celebration! Because it’s a half birthday, it’s fun to make everything just a little quirky and different.

  • Start the party on the half hour.
  • Serve half a cake (or one whole cake cut in half, if you have a crowd), or lots of cupcakes, each cut into two.
  • Serve food you can cut in half, and only fill up half of your serving platters. Finger sandwiches, deviled eggs, and fruits and vegetables cut in half work perfectly.
  • Give the guest of honor one small present every half hour for the duration of the party.
  • Decorate just half of the room in which you’re holding the celebration. The more obvious you make it, the funnier it will be to your guests. Load up half your room with balloons, make the streamers stop in the middle of the ceiling, and cut the “Birthday” off of a dollar store banner so it just reads, “Happy”.
  • Serve drinks in glasses that are half full.
  • Sing just half the birthday song when it’s time to cut the cake.

Of course, you can simplify the half birthday idea and just invite your friend or loved one out for a nice lunch or dinner. Surprise them with a little gift and a card explaining the reason for the unexpected royal treatment. It’s a very thoughtful way to let someone know how much you care, and that they have been on your mind and in your heart.

Doing something nice for someone special is one of the best ways to celebrate your life and all the wonderful people in it.

For more fun and clever half birthday ideas, visit Half Birthday. For 40 impressive birthday cake recipes visit CHOW.

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