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Posted in Family and Friends | September 2013

Get an A for effort

parent-teacher interaction
It’s important for your child to respect and connect with his or her teacher, but it’s also important for parents to have a good rapport with the teachers charged with educating their little ones. They play a big role in your child’s life for ten months during the year, so making sure you keep the lines of communication open is critical.

Canadian Living Moms has some great suggestions for getting the most out of the parent-teacher relationship this school year.

  1. Connect early. Let your child’s teacher know about any issues that might affect his or her performance in school (like divorce, a death or serious illness in the family, a new sibling, etc.).
  2. Keep an open mind. Draw your own conclusions about your child’s teacher after you have met and talked with her. Don’t base your opinions on what other parents or children have said about her in the past.
  3. Be proactive. If your child seems to be struggling, don’t wait for the parent-teacher interview to discuss the problem—and ask the teacher to let you know if she spots any signs of trouble right away too.
  4. Say thanks! Teachers appreciate hearing that they’re doing a good job, or that you notice when they go that extra mile.
  5. Keep talking. Make an effort to connect with teachers of older kids too. It’s just as important in higher grades as it is in elementary school.
  6. Don’t get too involved. As your child gets older, start thinking of yourself as a coach more than an advocate. It’s very important for children to learn how to stand up for themselves and ask for help all on their own. Don’t be too quick to bail your child out either—they must learn to take responsibility for their actions and face the consequences.
  7. Use the resources available to you. School and teacher websites are a great source of information for parents. You can track attendance, view grades and learn about upcoming announcements—and you can do it all without being too conspicuous, making both you and your kids happy!

For the complete article, including more in-depth information about how to make the most of relationship with your child’s teacher, visit Canadian Living Moms

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