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Posted in Family and Friends | December 2015

Deal me in

Deal me in

Once the presents have been unwrapped, the leftovers have been gobbled up, and your out-of-town visitors have headed home, there’s a lovely sense of calm and quiet that descends upon your house. After the busyness of the past few festive days and weeks, the post-holiday period is a wonderful time to slow down, relax and enjoy quieter pursuits with the ones you love.

That’s why National Card Playing Day, celebrated on December 28, is perfectly timed. Card games require a deck of cards and players, and perhaps a pencil and score card. That’s it. Playing cards is one of the best ways to have some simple, quiet fun with a family that has been on the go since the beginning of December.

Card games for all ages

Perhaps the best thing about cards is that there are games the whole family can play together and truly enjoy. Some games, like Poker and Euchre, are probably best left to the grown ups, but there are dozens of others that can be enjoyed by players from 8 to 80! Check out for a comprehensive list of games and rules for everything from Gin Rummy to  Crazy Eights.

For child-specific card games, including a host of educational games (shhh – we won’t tell if you won’t!), visit Delia Creates so you can teach the little ones how to play kid favorites like Old Maid and Concentration.

If you happen not to have anyone to play with, no worries! Solitaire is a fun and addictive game that, as the name implies, only requires one player. Bicycle cards has the complete rules for solitaire if you’re new to the game or need a quick reminder to get started.

Game time snacks

An afternoon or evening of card games is nothing without snacks, so plan to make some yummy little bites you can serve your hungry gamers. Remember to keep the snacks simple, and think of non-greasy and non-gooey nibbles that won’t mess up the cards:

  • A platter of pre-prepared, bite-size cheese and crackers
  • Air-popped and unbuttered popcorn
  • Bowls of pretzels, peanuts or mixed nuts
  • Vegetables and dip like hummus or homemade ranch
  • Sweet and sour meatballs served with toothpicks to make it neat and tidy
  • Bite-sized tea sandwiches in a variety of flavors

Playing for bragging rights is perfectly fine, but if you want to go one step further, visit the dollar store for some small prizes to give the victors. Anything from sweet little soaps to a favorite candy bar will do!

You know your family best, so celebrate National Card Game Day in the way that’s just right for you and yours. Simply think about the kind of games they’d like to play and the treats they’d like to eat, then call everyone to the table and get down to business. It will be a fun surprise and a welcome change of pace after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

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