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Posted in Family and Friends | July 2019

It’s all relative: celebrate Aunts and Uncles Day on July 26

June2019-Aunts and Uncles Day

For many people, aunts and uncles are like bonus parents: they step in and step up for their nieces and nephews when they’re needed. Their presence in a child’s life can actually be a critical part of its development. The love of an aunt or uncle helps a child understand that there is security and support beyond that which is given by their parents, and that trust and love can be found in others.

Children learn so much by watching, and seeing aunts and uncles do things like explore interesting careers, travel to far away places, participate in fascinating hobbies, support social justice movements, and volunteer in their communities gives nieces and nephews another window on the world and exposure to different opinions from people they trust.

Even when we’re all grown up, the love and support of a favorite aunt or uncle is still something to be treasured.

We celebrate moms, dads, and grandparents with special days during the year, so it makes sense to do the same for the amazing aunts and uncles in our lives—even ones who are simply honorary. Aunts and Uncles Day is celebrated annually on July 26.

If you have special aunts and uncles, here is some inspiration to help you think of the perfect way to celebrate this July.

  • Say thank you. Aunts and uncles certainly don’t do what they do for recognition: they stay connected to you because they love you and you’ve always been an important part of their life. But a thank-you would mean the world. Send a note, card, email or even a text to say thanks and to tell them what they mean to you. Better yet, pick up the phone and call.
  • Make new memories. Head over for a visit and take them out for dinner, bake together, go to a movie or a play, have a spa afternoon, make art—do whatever it is you’ve always enjoyed doing together. Make sure to take lots of pictures! If you share them on social media, use the hashtag #AuntAndUnclesDay.
  • Take a family portrait. Maybe it’s just you and your aunt and uncle—or one of the whole family with your special aunts and uncles front and center. Frame a copy and present it as a gift.
  • Spoil them back. Your aunts and uncles have spent your whole life sneaking you sweets, buying your cool gifts, slipping you money, and spoiling you whenever they had the chance. Return the favor! You know what special treat they love most—maybe it’s a good book, a bouquet of flowers, or a box of cupcakes—so send it along to brighten their day.
  • Give back together. If your aunt and uncle have always been involved in volunteering, invite them to join you at a Foresters volunteer activity. Check to find volunteer activities near you, or consider planning and organizing your own charitable event together with the help of a Foresters Community Grant.

It’s a remarkable thing to have “extra” people in your life who love you and care for you simply because they want to. Surprise those special aunts and uncles on July 26 and show them how much you love and care for them too!

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