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Posted in Family and Friends | May 2014

All your mom really wants is you!

mother’s day ideas
Flowers, candy and other lovingly chosen gifts are always appreciated by our moms on Mother’s Day, but we suspect what they secretly want more than anything in the world is time spent with you—especially if you’re all grown up with a busy life and perhaps a family of your own.

Time is so precious, so this year consider giving your mom the gift of quality time spent together.

  • Take her to the movies. Throw in lunch or dinner to make it an extra long afternoon or evening together.
  • Do your chores. It’s probably been a while since your mom asked you to clean anything in her house, so do it without asking on Mother’s Day. Spruce up her home for her, or make a week’s worth of freezer meals so she doesn’t have to cook (just make sure to clean up after yourself!).
  • Have tea for two. There’s nothing quite as fancy as high tea, and if your mom has never indulged, now is the time! Contact local hotels, restaurants and cafes to see if anyone in your area serves afternoon tea. If not, you can always treat your mom to a slightly simplified homemade version that she is sure to love every bit as much. Check out the delicious high tea recipes at What’s Cooking America for a little inspiration.
  • Go back to school. If you and your mom share a common interest in anthropology, pottery, American history or cooking, why not consider taking a class together? Your local community centre, college or university may offer courses that would broaden both of your horizons.
  • Go home. Life can be very busy, and sometimes making time for your mom is difficult. Schedule it in like you would a meeting or appointment. Commit to visiting once a week (or as often as possible) on a given day that she can look forward to all week long. Make it an afternoon of fun and adventure doing new things together.
  • Read all about it. If you and your mom both enjoy reading, consider joining a book club together.
  • Plant a garden. If your mom was a gardener but can’t get out to dig in the dirt as often as she’d like anymore, plant a garden for her. Fill it up with all her favorite flowers or vegetables and commit to tending it for her all season long.
  • Pick up the phone. Sometimes it’s impossible to visit in person. Distance and commitments can keep us away from the people we love. But the phone is never out of reach, so call your mom as often as possible, but especially on Mother’s Day.

If your mom is no longer alive, you can still honor her in a very special way on Mother’s Day. Take the love she gave you all her life and share it with the world by doing something nice for someone else in her memory—perhaps something she would have enjoyed. You can tell the recipient of your good deed why you’re doing it, or just keep it between you and Mom.

Giving her your time is one of the sweetest ways to say, “I love you, thanks for everything, Mom.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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