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Posted in Family and Friends | August 2015

A little love from home

little love from home

Students who are heading off to college to live away from home probably feel pretty grown-up and excited about the idea of being more independent and having a little more freedom. But even though they’re nearly all grown up and may be looking forward to this brand new adventure, they’re still children who are leaving the nest for the very first time, and that can be an emotional experience.

You can help make the transition a little easier by creating a care package to send off to your scholar once they’re settled in. Even if they’ve been away from home for a few years, a little love from Mom and Dad is always welcome when you’re far away and missing the familiar comforts of home.

You obviously know all the special treats your child likes to munch on (be sure to include some of those!) but in addition to their favorite chips and other snacks, consider adding some of these items to the box:

  • Home baked sweets, or box mixes they can make on their own if they have access to a kitchen.
  • Gift cards for restaurants or movie theatres near campus so they can go out for a night of fun on you.
  • A favorite small toy from home to remind them of their childhood and to bring them comfort they may not even know they needed.
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, soap, hand cream, Q-tips—anything they may frequently run out of so you can save them a trip to the tuck shop or drug store).
  • Vitamins and other medicine cabinet staples like antacids, cough drops and antiseptic ointment.
  • Rolls of quarters for laundry and vending machines.
  • Printer cartridges and paper.
  • Instant coffee or tea, depending on their preference.
  • A pair of cozy socks.
  • A fun new pillowcase.
  • Healthier instant food like oatmeal, granola bars or lower sodium soup packets.
  • A small decoration they can put up in their dorm room or apartment, if you’re sending your care package out near a holiday like Halloween, Hanukkah or Christmas.
  • A journal in case they decide to keep a diary the old fashioned way.
  • Emergency craft supplies if your student is so inclined (yarn and other craft items can really cut into a student budget).

Most importantly, make sure to include some photographs and handwritten notes in your box of love. Phone calls from home are important, but there’s something extra special about seeing your Mom’s handwriting and being able to read your Dad’s words over and over again.

For more great college care package ideas, visit She Knows and About Parenting.

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