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Posted in Online Savvy | November 2018

Cyber Monday how-to’s

By now you’re probably very familiar with the Black Friday phenomenon. It’s the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and it marks the official start of holiday shopping season. So named...

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Posted in Online Savvy | January 2017

Sharing on Social Media is easy!

We’ve shared some good information and advice about how to use social media to connect with friends and family including how to get started and how to stay safe online. With that under your belt, it’s time to talk...

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Posted in Online Savvy | March 2016

Online update

In December 2015 we introduced a “Remember my Username” functionality on the MyForesters login page. That means if you check the “Remember my Username” box when logging in, you won’t have to enter it every time you...

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Posted in Online Savvy, Community | February 2015

The unseen bully

Once upon a time bullies had faces and identities, which made it easier to combat their cruelty. But now parents have to grapple with invisible bullies who use electronic devices to torment their children. Because the...

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Posted in Online Savvy | February 2015

Stay informed

The internet is a vast repository for all kinds of fascinating and critical information. It’s useful when you’re searching for something very specific—a particular recipe, health advice, or piece of trivia about your...

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Posted in Online Savvy | November 2014

Online news: staying connected

We rely on the internet more than ever these days. Between desktop computers at work and at home, and laptops, tablets and smartphones that travel with us, it sometimes seems like we’re on the internet for work and...

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Posted in Online Savvy | September 2014

Online news: YouTube basics

You know all those cute and crazy cat videos you see online? Chances are they originated on YouTube—the hub for people who like to upload and share videos online. Created in February 2005, YouTube allows people to...

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