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Posted in Healthy Living | June 2017

Eat to beat the heat

Staying comfortable in the heat of summer is about more than just sunscreen and sunhats. What you put into your body is just as important as what you put onto it when it comes to staying cool and healthy. Food and...

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Posted in Healthy Living | June 2017

Is your job making you sick?

According to the American Institute of Stress, 1 job stress is the major source of stress for American adults, and it has gotten worse over the past few decades. Forty percent of workers report that their jobs are very...

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Posted in Healthy Living | May 2017

Arranging a healthy space

Do you ever walk into a room and it just feels “right?” We don’t always know what it is about a space that makes us feel good – perhaps it’s the lighting, the colors, or the furniture and décor – but it will just have...

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Posted in Healthy Living | April 2017

5 ways to deal with stress

Stop and think about your body right now. Notice your jaw; is it relaxed or tightly clenched? Think about your shoulders; are they nice and loose or are they up around your ears? Are you breathing deeply or taking...

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Posted in Healthy Living | February 2017

Probiotics primer

You may have heard about probiotics and wondered what they are and what health benefits they claim to provide, or if perhaps they’re just another trendy health-related fad. In fact, probiotics are actually live...

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Posted in Healthy Living | January 2017

More than just the winter blues

Longer, colder days can sometimes make us feel a little blue every once in a while. But for some people the change in seasons triggers a very real type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). According...

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Posted in Healthy Living | December 2016

Food storage 101

At the end of a holiday meal not only are we left with full bellies and happy memories, we’re also usually left with lots of uneaten food that needs to be safely stored so it can be reheated or made into new meals in...

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Posted in Healthy Living | November 2016

Enjoy a hot cup of goodness

For many people, sitting down with a hot cup of tea can be pure bliss—a delicious way to savor a little quiet time with the morning paper, a good book, or a special friend. But did you know that a tea-drinking habit...

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Posted in Healthy Living | October 2016

Early detection may save your life

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers), and is the second leading cause of death in women.1 In 2015 it was estimated that 25,000 women would be diagnosed with...

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