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Posted in Family and Friends, Health Check | September 2015

Curb those cravings

We all know that it’s better to eat an apple than an entire sleeve of cookies, and that a daily snack of raw vegetables is a much healthier alternative to a once-a-day chocolate bar habit. But while we might know this...

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Posted in You | September 2015

Downsizing 101

There often comes a point in our lives when we decide it’s time to scale back and move into a smaller home. Sometimes it’s because the last chick has flown the coop and we no longer need a house with multiple bedrooms,...

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Posted in Food and Recipes | September 2015

“Mom, I’m hungry!”

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic after school treat, but there are healthier things kids can reach for when they’re in need of a little pre-dinner snack. Depending on their age and sex, elementary-school age...

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Posted in Family and Friends | September 2015

Baby Safety Month

In tough economic times, frugal moms and dads are more apt to rely on used products when outfitting their baby’s nursery. In many cases this is a perfectly safe and smart strategy, but there are some definite dos and...

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Posted in Your Community | September 2015

Voting 2015: making a difference

Every year ForestersTM members are called upon to vote in Branch Elections to determine the local leadership of our member-led organization. Like any election, voting is critical. Choosing to vote means you’re making...

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