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Posted in Healthy Living, You | July 2015

Nurture your relationships

Human beings are social animals, which mean that healthy, positive, and mutually satisfying relationships with others are key to living a happier life. Social wellness refers to your ability to interact with the people...

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Posted in Food and Recipes, Your Family | July 2015

Good, cheap eats

You might think “ramen noodles” when you think cheap meals, but budget-friendly dinners don’t have to taste like college-student fare. In fact, making healthy, delicious meals on a budget is possible! It starts with...

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Posted in Healthy Living | July 2015

Drink up!

Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty, your body is already experiencing dehydration? With summer temperatures that can soar to dangerous highs, it’s critical to make sure you stay properly hydrated, and to...

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Posted in You | July 2015

Improving air quality in your home

When the heat of summer becomes too much to bear, it’s often more comfortable to shut the windows and turn on the air-conditioning to get some blissful relief from the oppressive heat and humidity. However shutting...

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Posted in Family and Friends | July 2015

With love from Home

There’s nothing quite as exciting as going away to your first overnight summer camp, but sometimes the prospect of being away from home can be a bit daunting—even for the most courageous and independent kids, and those...

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Posted in Your Money | July 2015

Financial literacy makes good cents

Do you understand basic financial concepts? Are you confident about every financial decision you make? If you had to take a quiz on financial literacy, would you pass? If you answered ‘no’, you’re not alone. In fact,...

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