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Posted in Healthy Living | May 2015

Midnight serenade

The odds are pretty good that if your nose isn’t keeping someone up at night, someone else’s is ruining your sleep. In fact, 56% of people claim that their partner snores.1 A good night’s rest is so important, and...

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Posted in You, Your Community | May 2015

Go play outside!

Every spring, the David Suzuki Foundation challenges Canadians to join the 30×30 Challenge by spending 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 straight days. While this is a Canadian initiative, it’s certainly not...

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Posted in Senior Wellness | May 2015

I’m alone. What now?

At some point in our lives it’s possible that we’ll find ourselves on our own, particularly as we get older. In fact, 28% of American homes are single-person homes1, and 35% of Canadian female seniors live alone at...

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Posted in Food and Recipes, Healthy Living | May 2015

Oh, honey!

Honey might simply be the golden syrup you trickle into your morning cup of tea, or the sweet topping you slather onto your toast—but it actually has a rather long and storied past! In fact, according to WebMD, one of...

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Posted in You | May 2015

Say what?

In the age of text messages written hastily with two thumbs, and emails dashed off with nary a second look, some of the finer points of proper letter writing have been lost or forgotten along the way. While not every...

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Posted in Family and Friends | May 2015

Mother the world

Today we think of Mother’s Day as a special day set aside to honor our moms by sending cards and flowers of appreciation, or maybe treating her to breakfast in bed complete with sweet homemade cards. But according to...

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Posted in Your Community | May 2015

Mending fences

You don’t necessarily have to be best friends, but having a healthy, amicable relationship with the people that share your neighborhood space is important. For one thing, it’s just nice to be on good terms with the...

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Posted in You | May 2015

Make a clean getaway

Everyone deserves to get away, and the beautiful summer months are ideal for packing up the family and heading off on an adventure. But at what cost? It’s important to make sure that you can truly afford the vacation...

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