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Posted in Family and Friends | August 2014

Blessed be the ties that bind

Every time extended family has a reason to get together, someone always suggests not letting so much time pass before gathering again. Life can be so busy and so hectic that sometimes we forget to make time for the...

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Posted in Healthy Living | August 2014

Be sweet to your feet

Beyond wanting them to look nice in sandals during the summer season, feet aren’t necessarily something we give a lot of thought to—until they ache. But it’s important to practice good, lifelong foot care in order to...

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Posted in You | August 2014

Read the day away

Cracking open a good book on a warm summer day is one of life’s simplest and most rewarding pleasures. It’s also a healthy pastime, according to Robert S. Wilson, Professor of neuropsychology at Rush University Medical...

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