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Posted in Your Money | December 2014

It’s a good day for a deal

Every little bit you can save helps when you’re working within a budget. Did you know that there are potential deals to be had every day of the week? And we don’t just mean weekly sales at your local grocery store...

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Posted in You | December 2014

A mysterious holiday

Just about the only thing we know for sure about Boxing Day is that it’s celebrated on December 26 by most countries in the British Commonwealth. As for its origins? Well, there are a few good guesses, but no one is...

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Posted in Healthy Living | November 2014

Oh my aching knees!

According to The Arthritis Society , arthritis is an umbrella term for more than 100 different conditions that range from relatively mild forms of tendinitis and bursitis , to crippling forms such as rheumatoid...

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Posted in Your Money | November 2014

Budgeting help during the holidays

The best time to plan a holiday budget is before you’re right in the thick of things. There are simple ways to watch your spending, like having—and sticking to—a gift list, comparison shopping online, or agreeing to...

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Posted in Online Savvy | November 2014

Online news: staying connected

We rely on the internet more than ever these days. Between desktop computers at work and at home, and laptops, tablets and smartphones that travel with us, it sometimes seems like we’re on the internet for work and...

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Posted in Family and Friends | November 2014

Making kindness matter

November 13 is World Kindness Day, so it’s the perfect month to focus on making the world a kinder, gentler place by making an extra effort to teach your children kindness and compassion. According to an article in the...

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